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My resume has the following introduction about me; which is kind of a brag that only speak of my career in software engineering.

"I'm a Software Architect by profession focused on Microsoft technologies and Agile methodologies. I started my career in software engineering back in 2002 and since gathered experience with extensive on-site customer facing experience in the United States, designing and developing large scale distributed enterprise applications mainly using Microsoft .NET technologies. I’m well experienced in overall software development process and leading medium scale development teams. I take special interest in designing scalable .NET based software solutions for the enterprises and loves being technically challenged. I’ve contributed in various projects at Microsoft, FIS New York, Epicore, Metavante and Aetna at different capacities. I’m a focused and dedicated individual with high technical competency and aspiration to learn new technologies; Adoptable for any working environment or culture with the proven ability to take high pressure and pursuit of greater challenges. I’m looking to establish myself as an consultant to engage myself in different business domains and challenges."

What it does not talk about is how much I love designing software solutions and working on different business domains. Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler and Kent Beck are my role models and I read them as often as I could. I'm not the engineer I was yesterday and certainly won't be what I am now by tomorrow.

My hobby on photography is as old as my career in software engineering, but hasn't been as successful. I'd like to think that's because I've dedicated more time to my career than the hobby. But it could well be my lack of talent ;)

I'm also opinionated about religion, politics and law making. But those comes after my personal life, career and hobbies.